Startup studios have become a modern approach to launching a business from scratch. They differ from traditional startup incubators or accelerators in that they generate their own distinctive ideas and products, often procured from various sources.

One of the most important elements of startup studios is their ability to come up with fresh and exciting business ideas from the ground up. In order to launch and sustain a successful business or product, startup studios must discover promising concepts and entrepreneurs, and provide the necessary resources and guidance to bring those ideas to fruition. Here are a few of the approaches that startup studios take to source new business ideas and the factors that come into play during this integral process.

Internal Ideation

Many startup studios come up with new business ideas through their in-house ideation process. Startup studios have teams of experienced entrepreneurs, designers, and developers who help brianstorm new and exciting ideas for potential startups. These internal teams are ideal for this role because they understand the capabilities of their company and their colleagues. Apart from developing ideas, these internal teams also research the market and experiment with prototypes and MVPs, or minimum viable products.

When startup studios come up with creative ideas internally, they can leverage their own internal expertise and knowledge to create concepts that fit their strengths and meet their goals. Developing ideas internally also gives them the ability to adapt to changes in the market more quickly and immediately make adjustments based on feedback and data.


Another way startup studios come up with new business ideas are through partnerships with other organizations. By collaborating with other companies or universities, startup studios can identify promising entrepreneurs or new technologies that have the potential to become self-sustaining businesses. These partnerships can also offer access to resources and expertise that may not be readily available within the startup studio and can also serve to validate new ideas and concepts.


Startup studios also find new opportunities through networking and outreach. Startup studio founders often attend events, conferences, meetups, and industry gatherings to connect with entrepreneurs and investors. Attending these industry specific events also serve as a way to stay up-to-date with trends and news in the market. Startup studios also leverage the power of social media and online communities for connecting with like-minded individuals. 

Proposals and Pitches

Many startup studios accept external proposals from entrepreneurs who want to work with the studio to develop their ideas. Startup studios typically have a formal internal process for reviewing and evaluating these pitches and can provide additional feedback or resources to prospective entrepreneurs.

Main Considerations 

When startup studios are evaluating potential opportunities, they keep in mind crucial considerations:

  • Market Analysis: It’s important to assess the size and potential of the market for an idea or product. Startup studios determine if there is a consumer demand to support a new business and look at factors like market gap and growth, competition, and barriers to entry.
  • Team Evaluation: The success of a new venture heavily depends on the team behind it. Therefore, startup studios typically evaluate the skills and experience of potential entrepreneurs and their abilities to execute the idea and lead their team successfully.
  • Technology and Product Development: For startup studios that develop new technologies or products, they need to assess the scalability of the innovation. Intellectual property considerations, as well as potential partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, are also evaluated.
  • Finance: Startup studios determine the level of funding required to launch a new business and the potential ROI. They also consider the level of risk associated with the opportunity.

Overall, the startup studio approach offers an innovative and unique way to launch new businesses. By utilizing internal brainstorming, partnerships and collaboration with external organizations, networking and outreach, and unsolicited pitches from entrepreneurs, startup studios can identify and develop promising new business ideas that can have a transformative impact on industries and society. Check out Startup Studio Insider ( to learn more about the startup studio business model. 

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