In today’s era, where everybody wants everything online. If you are starting your own business or you have your own brand you need to have a website for it too. Because nowadays before going anywhere people go and check if you have an online presence so that they can get information about you sitting in their room. As a common person, nowadays if someone advice you to shop simple things for yourself. What would you do first? You will definitely go and check everything about them online. So, today if you want to grow your business you must have a website. And for that purpose, you can hire a professional for web design services.

A good website is equally important as a business unit or outlet, your products, services, etc. It plays a key role in brand awareness, or if you want to sell your product. In fact, studies show that 10 out of 6 customers want an online presence if they own a brand or have a business of some kind. Moreover, you can talk about your business or brand through your website. But keep in mind that a badly designed website can actually divert them away from your website.

However, if you own a business without an online presence. What are you waiting for? Maybe, now is the right time to place your feet into the online world. Here are some of the tips for a good website design.

Characteristics of a good website design

Don’t stuff it with a lot of information or design

While designing a website keep it as simple as you can. Do not stuff a lot of information on your website. For instance, have you ever experienced that when you visit any shop and a shopkeeper puts everything in front of you? It would be difficult for you to decide what you really want. The same goes for the website, try to keep it simple. Take a look at your website and see if there is any extra information that is not needed, take it out. Hence, if any customer visiting your website he/she does not get confused in other stuff such as your design and all. Common visitors should be able to find quickly what they were looking for.

Good user experience is necessary

If you are designing your website you need to understand one thing that the user experience is the most important of all. Let’s say you have a website that looks great while you look at it but not satisfying to use then it can be your major drawback. For example, you bought something that looks good on you but it is actually really uncomfortable. Are you going to keep that thing to use later or not? Definitely not. The same thing happens when you have a website that looks great but is not so great to use. Actually, it is said that your website should be designed in a way that users can find easily what they are looking for in less than three clicks.

Loading time should be short

Your website should be fast loading which means the loading time should be short. It was said that users would drift away if your website takes 8 seconds to load. But now it is three seconds. If your website is taking more than three seconds then chances are that you can lose your potential customers. There is a way to shorten the time of loading and that is to shorten the size of an image if you have used any. Because big files take more time to load.

Information should make sense

The information you are putting on your website should be relevant to what your business is about. For instance, if you are a clothing brand, can you put information about kid’s toys? This information would not be relevant to your website. So, try and make sense of what information you are uploading to your website. Otherwise, this can drive away customers from your site. Or you can take help from agencies providing web design services to design a website that is great in every possible way.

Make it mobile-friendly

In this modern world, most people use mobile to do everything. From shopping to working, everything can be done through your mobile nowadays. It is a fact that most of the traffic comes from mobile phones on any site. So, make your website accessible on any device. Most importantly your website should be mobile-friendly to bring traffic.


When you design a website there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to. Some of them are mention in this article to help you. therefore, you should be attentive towards your website user experience or you need to keep in mind that you are not stuffing a lot of information into your website. Moreover, loading time should be less or it should be mobile-friendly. Lastly, if you are not an expert you can avail web design services from agencies out there providing this service.

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