B2B is significantly different from the B2C domain and it’s equally competitive and you need to have a special strategy to thrive in your industry. Driving organic growth for a B2B SEO agency comes with its own set of challenges. There are several differences between a B2B vs. a B2C business SEO planning. It’s vital to know how to draft an effective strategy to drive more traction to the business. Let’s get into the basics and understand what it is.

What is B2B SEO?

Business-to-Business (B2B) SEO is an approach that aims to boost organic traffic and rankings to drive more traction. A successful B2B SEO strategy places a business’ website in front of potential customers who are willingly looking for services or products that you are selling. With B2B SEO, you can make your website more visible to these customers and drive more sales. The ultimate goal of B2B SEO is to build trust among other businesses so that they start doing business with you.

Basic elements of B2B SEO?

When it comes to the basic technical implementation of SEO, both B2B and B2C strategies share some similarities. As the search engines index all websites adhering to the same parameters, you need to make sure the basics are intact. If you are new to SEO, there are three major aspects:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO includes optimizing your website to make it more readable to search engines and visitors. This SEO practice includes meta tags creation, keyword optimization, checking the website’s mobile-friendliness, image alt optimization, and so on.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO includes improving the website’s overall authority and trust higher in the competitive domain. Off-page SEO optimization focuses on improving the website’s effectiveness in the competitive domain. These practices improve the overall credibility of your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes fixing all the glitches that impact the overall SEO of the website. This practice includes fixing redirects, removing 404 pages, optimizing web page URLs, and so on.

Apart from these factors, there are several challenges that are unique to B2B businesses only. If you are starting an ECommerce business or already running, you need to deal with these unique challenges to hone B2B SEO.

Complex sales funnel

Compared to B2C businesses, the funnel of B2B businesses is more complex. There are several circumstances that you need to tackle when you look at planning the B2B sales. There’s a clear need for a B2B business to be visible on the SERPs for every step of the sales funnel. From the customer awareness phase, when potential customers interact with your website for the first time, to the action phase, when a sale is closed. You need to optimize the complete sales funnel with robust on-page and technical SEO so that it can generate maximum traction.

Low volume keywords

Compared to normal website SEO, B2B businesses need to deal with low volume keywords and they have to rank to reach the right customers. Being an ECommerce website, it has hundreds or even thousands of keywords that have low volume. To deal with it, companies need to hone their keyword research game and find the right balance between the high volume keywords and low volume keywords to get the best results. You need to find specific keywords that let you target a particular audience with content that attracts them and pushes them to the next level of the funnel.

Low conversion rate

The net thing that B2B business owners need to take care of is the low conversion rate. Compared to the B2C businesses, the conversion rate is slightly low and you need to focus on the hottest selling product and amplify their reach. Once you optimize those high-performance products, the sales will improve significantly.

You need to keep in mind that the sales ticket size is much bigger in a B2B business compared to a B2C business. So, even if you have less conversion rate, make sure you optimize your business branding to get constant sales that will help you in giving scalability. While looking at the conversion rate, also look at the total sales you are making. Try to scale it gradually with robust SEO tactics to create a core competence for your business.

Fixing low trust

When it comes to B2B business, the major problem that business owners need to fix is low trust in the industry. As there are so many new players entering the business, you need to work on your branding that will help you stand apart from the rest. For building trust among the industry, you need to focus more on the Off-page SEO activities so that your brand becomes more visible and credible.

Final thoughts

Get started with B2B SEO and thrive online with more sales and customers on your website. It’s the right time to optimize your B2B website and drive more traction.

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